Maqua® Jet DA-RGO

MaquaJet DA-RGO is especially developed to print front foils and membrane switches as high end interfaces for industrial machines in a wide variety of applications.

MaquaJet DA-RGO enables to decorate the product in a digital printing process without compromising on image quality or durability. It is complementary to the existing media and screen printing ink. Furthermore it does not require changes in the post processing.

MaquaJet DA-RGO is the only ink system developed and approved especially for membrane switches and overlays.

Your Benefits

  • Tailor-made system (developed especially for membrane switches)
  • Image quality (smallest dropsize, light colors for smooth pale greys)
  • Simple color matching (wide color gamut, easy and simple color match process)
  • Mild, low-odour solvents


Colour Shades

429 Yellow
434 Light Magenta
438 Magenta
455 Light Cyan
459 Cyan
485 Light Black

489 Black